Janis Johnson and Donna Barber
Stan Barber, William Johnson, and James Drake.
Baxter Cook and Jerry Webb
Stan Barber and grandson Andrew
James Drake and Del Hornbacher
Adam Barber and Lance Renshaw
Adam Barber reclassifying funky blocking into tonight's firewood.
Baxter Cook, Lance Renshaw, and Norman Messier
Adam Morin and Jamin Buckingham
Dennis and Adam Morin
A fire kept us warm in the September evening
Ken Jordan and Laurie McCulloch
Jamin Buckingham with Keith Settle
Jay Thompson and Tina Mueller
Relaxing after dinner
Reliving an earlier NEASM convention
John Dexheimer, Max Beggs, Joedy Johns, Kim Brownie, Jamin Buckingham
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson and Norman Messier
Adam Morin with Becky and Joe Beote
The back of the yard
The Larmon House Movers, Inc. Shops
Adam and Sarah Barber trying out Jay Thompson's motorcycle
Preparing dinner
Baxter Cook and Jim East (of Digital Leveling Systems) congratulate H.D. Snow for his winning bid of a Digital Leveling system.
Saying goodbyes
Baxter and June Cook, and Donna Barber

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